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Heather Mah and Brandon Chow are Elio Brentwood Park’s featured real estate agents. Both Heather and Brandon have a deep appreciation for the communities in Greater Vancouver. Their attentive service guarantees that your buying and selling experience will exceed your expectations.

Heather and Brandon realize that there are many exciting areas outside of Vancouver. In recent years, Brentwood Park has exploded with development and activity, making it one of the hottest spots to live in Metro Vancouver. Brentwood combines the charm of a small community with the convenience of a major centre. Just minutes away, you can find everything you need and more at The Amazing Brentwood, a shopping complex with over 60 shops, or you can peruse the local coffee shops and bakeries on Hastings Street.

From Brentwood, you can visit local attractions like Beecher Park and the stunning McGill library or hop on the SkyTrain and head downtown in under 20 minutes. Either way, it’s never a dull moment in one of Greater Vancouver’s best kept secrets!